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ALIVE and the Get Real Institute have developed a special “COVID-19 Recovery Program for Schools” – ALL ONLINE including Teacher Training.  It includes 5 x Mindset and Wellbeing courses (Life Hacks) and 5 x Covid-19 courses (Hacks).


ALIVE’S Get Real Institute is an immediate solution to support the mental health, positive mindset and emotional wellbeing of students and schools recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic.

This program brings online wellbeing tools directly to your school and puts good mindset and resilience scaffolding in place to support students, families and teachers. This support is important to look at now to help address the COVID-19 fallout over the next 18 months that will have significant economic, mental health effects and stress on our communities.


ALIVE has put together a special COVID-19 promotion for Schools to deliver healthy mindset and wellbeing easily to your students.

For Delivery: TERM 2 or 3 – (10 week online program)

  • Student Wellbeing: 10 courses (Life Hacks) delivered in engaging videos and accompanying activities and worksheets.
  • Teacher Training: The ‘Train the Trainer’ program gives teachers all of the resources (PowerPoint presentations, instructional videos, worksheets & FAQs) to deliver wellbeing and mindset tools to students online.
  • Teachers receive a group call with ALIVE to familiarise with program (1 hour).
  • INCLUDING additional COVID-19 specific content as created.

Cost: FREE for first 250 Schools to apply or $490/school (special COVID-19 rate online delivery Term 2 or 3, 2020).

NOTE: Usual Full Service Delivery – 1 Term Support $4500, 12 Months School Accreditation $9800

Program Outcomes


  • Have increased mental and emotional resilience to navigate through stress and anxiety generally and specific to the pandemic fallout.
  • Improve mindset and academic results, even through the disruption.
  • Have available ongoing online support for students and families.


  • Have a toolbox for dealing with the disruption of the pandemic.
  • Have developed better emotional communication tools – speaking about the tough topics, specifically how to verbalise and normalise some of the stressors during COVID-19 recovery.


Tamsyn teaching

Who is your instructor?

Get Real Institute Creator and Instructor Tamsyn Rose is also the Founder of Get Real International and The ALIVE project, Australia’s leading Wellbeing, Youth and Family supports services.

ALIVE worked with over 65 000 students in 62 schools and 350 sporting clubs across Australia, supporting over 500 families and individuals in 2019.

An internationally recognized expert in mental and emotional health, Tamsyn has been revolutionizing how we understand emotional resilience and empowerment for over 15 years, and changed the way young people live, engage and lead in their communities.

What will students learn?

  • Handle stress, anxiety, and bad experiences better.
  • Manage time, set effective goals, & understand their values.
  • Regulate emotional highs and lows.
  • Mange behaviour challenges, motivation dips, feeling off track and down.
  • How to change negative self-talk, beliefs and patterns that limit opportunities.
  • Deal with bullying and overcome trauma.
  • Communicate better & resolve conflict.
  • PLUS helping teachers get the reigns back in their hands to grow successful, happy children who know who they are.


HACK #1 – Get the Mind on your Side

Stress management and changing beliefs to work for you.

HACK #2 – Invest in Yourself

Values, time management and decide who you are going to be.

HACK #3 – In Your Flow

Design your life one goal at a time, motivation and action plans.

HACK #4 – Fire your Inner Critic

Harness the power of your mind and change negative mindset.

HACK#5 – There is Nothing Wrong With How You Feel

Emotional resilience and dealing with varying peak emotional states.



HACK #1 – Living with Uncertainty

Helping students navigate through anxiety and uncertainty during a pandemic.

HACK #2 – Boundaries Around Technology

Helping teachers and families set healthy boundaries around device and technology use.

HACK #3 – Goal Setting During COVID-19

Setting goals that are realistic through and post COVID-19 restrictions.

HACK #4 – Staying Connected During a Pandemic

Help manage social isolation and creating connection through and post times of distancing.

HACK #5 – Love on your Body

Healthy living through COVID-19 restrictions and beyond.


Download ALIVE’S COVID-19 Schools Program Brochure for more information on this program.


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