ALIVE delivers train the trainer and leadership programs to Corporates on Mental Wellbeing, Stress Management, Resilience and Suicide Prevention.

Today, more than ever, leaders in Corporate roles need to understand the role that they can play in the mental health of their team and employees generally.

Leaders are responsible for more than the work and workers performance, leaders and their employees do not leave their humanity at the door when they walk into work or check into meetings.

As a business leader we need people to be thinking clearly, trusting one another, taking ownership and collaborating effectively to solve problems and achieve outcomes together, ensuring every member of the team is playing their part.

A leaders role in maintaining a mentally healthy workplace is crucial. Their actions and behaviours set the tone for the success of the organisation.

Here are some key actions and steps that leaders can take:

  • Build connection.  Spend time every day talking to people (one on one or in groups).
  • Keep routines and rituals. To build predictability and certainty as everyone needs a constant schedule and routine.
  • Create a sense of community.  Ensure every member of the team feels seen and supported.  Look for opportunities to laugh and enjoy time together.
  • Be flexible and adapt. Today we desperately need leaders who are flexible and take individual circumstances into account in decision making.
  • Set a positive example. As a leader you have a huge influence over how people are thinking and feeling. Be a positive example of how to choose to respond to the uncertainty we all face every day.