Alive, in collaboration with the community through schools, sporting clubs and other organisations, provides innovative solutions that address the mental health crisis in young people.

Alive, in collaboration with the community through schools, sporting clubs and other organisations, provides innovative solutions that address the mental health crisis in young people. 

These solutions cover crisis response, suicide prevention and wellbeing ensuring all the young persons’ needs are covered in one place. Specifically, we deliver…

Wellbeing, Resilience and Mental Health on both a fee for service and through collaborative partnerships with community organisations and funded opportunities.

Train the Trainer and Professional development programs for long-term sustainable solutions, even in team with low staff retention rates.

Culturally safe Wellbeing, Resilience, Mental Health and Professional Development programs to First Nations’ Peoples, schools and clubs

In home, family Wellbeing, Resilience and Mental Health programs with a reduced fee for service model (with the aim to provide a free service for families in need)

OUR PEOPLE: Team, partners and the people we serve are our number 1. We have strong connections and always seek collaboration. 

PLAY: We are playful, have a sense of humour and keep things simple. 

SUSTAINABILITY: We do something once, we do it really well, and make sure it’s going to last. From our sustainable business practices, to our ideas and programs. We walk our talk.

INNOVATION: We are ‘all-possibility’ thinkers who come up with creative solutions.

EMPOWERMENT: We respect and uplift people and partners to be the best possible version themselves. Our environments and programs are inclusive and safe.

Tamsyn Rose


We are thrilled to be able to share our 2021 Impact Report, introduce you to the communities we have been able to be a part of the much needed Mental Health response plan, and our success in these initiatives.

This has been an incredibly busy year, with COVID-19 restrictions leaving us with an ever moving target while delivering support programs Nationally. This has really tested our team’s ability to have sustainable outcomes both online and in person. Our partnership with BDO Services has helped us to create a strong evidence-base for ALIVE’s programs, and ensure that the effectiveness of these interventions is sustained across all our community projects over the test of time.

Suicide remains the number 1 cause of death in young Australians’ and although the work we are doing is part of the much needed response to this, it is still just a drop in the ocean of what is needed to ensure we can work collaboratively together on the Journey to Zero suicide.      

Thank you to our determined board and team who make it possible to be there in the community when it’s most needed. Thank you to the schools, clubs, organisations and departments that keep us on track and in front of the young people we are here for. Thank you to our donors and fundraising champions that keep the doors open and the response always a YES! Thank you to the ALIVE tribe that stand with us on the journey to zero. We look forward to being able to achieve even more together in the year ahead.

Founding CEO,

And Phil Shultz


“This program was useful to me because i could use the breathing technique if i was stressed out at school or had a big day, and the skill would start to calm me down.”




ALIVE’s mission is to provide online and in person suicide prevention programs that build resilience, connection, and wellbeing, that young people love. ALIVE works with schools and sporting groups to provide critical community mental health training and mental health support programs across Australia. ALIVE’s Get Real Institute brings interactive online mental fitness and wellbeing training directly into communities, schools and clubs to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people, and supports this with a wrap around mental health support program. We aim to provide the scaffolding which supports young people and communities to thrive and be fully alive. ALIVE works with over 156,216 young people in 109 schools and 497 sporting clubs across Australia, supporting over 5000 teachers, Youth workers and supports trained in GRI train the trainer.



We are proud to Announce Brad Butcher as our ALIVE Ambassador. This is a cause close to Brad’s heart, and it’s a pleasure to be working with him to make a change. When your hear people talk about Brad Butcher as an Australian Songwriter or more importantly as a person the same few words are thrown around … Honest, Genuine, Hardworking and Brad’s hard work is now receiving the accolades he so richly deserves being awarded the NEW TALENT OF THE YEAR at the 2018 Golden Guitar Awards of Australia, held in Tamworth NSW, and the 2018 Queensland Music Award – Country Song of the Year.

Brad Butcher’s third studio album, FROM THE BOTTOM OF A WELL, was recorded with highly acclaimed and multi award winning Australian producer Matt Fell, at Sydney’s Love Hz Studio, and encompasses Butchers take on an evolving country music landscape to create a sound that is uniquely his.


Conrad is..


Bayley is our superstar Race Car Driver. This year we have had the honour of supporting Bayley in his career and taking a ride on his Porsche 992 Sprint Car.

Bayley has raced in Marc Cars Australia, SuperUtes, The Bathurst 4, 6 and 12 Hour and was the youngest driver to race Bathurst.

Bayley has now been accepted into Carrera Cup for 2022, at only the age of 18. He is chasing his dreams at the same time he studies for a degree in Financial Planning as well. This legend has been a great part of our team and we thank him for his ongoing help and encouragement to spread the Alive name. 


Kangaroo Island
Bushfire Recovery Project
Providing Support For Schools, Sports Clubs And Community In Parnership With Movember Mental Health Literacy, Resilience And Capacity Building Support For Those Impacted.
South Burnett Community Wide MH And Resilience Programs
School & Sports Club And Organisation Program Delivery
Reach Of Over 4.500 In Our 2021 Delivery To South Burnett Region
ARDOCH Alive Schools Partnership
COVID-19 Support And Training To Victorian Schools
Get Real Institute Delivered To 25 Schools- Funded By ARDOCH
Get Real Institute And Movember Ahead Of The Game
QRL In Trust Super Cup Delivery
Delivered Alive’s Get Real Institute To All 14 Intrust Super Cup Clubs Across Queensland Rugby League.Nd 12 Logan Basketball Teams Reaching 400 Young People


In Partnership with Movember’s Ahead of the Game, Alive delivered Mental Health Literacy and Alive’s Get Real Institute Resilience programs working with over 388 athletes to 23 teams across Queensland Rugby League and Basketball.

The programs was able to be delivered Competiton-wide to all the In-trust Super Cup Teams across the State. Beginning with training of all coaching teams, followed by working with the Players in a combination of Online and In-person workshops with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training skills and mindset training. Finally working with parents of players to make sure all those that support our young people have the support and training they need for the best possible outcomes.

This was a huge success for QRL and helped each of the players build their protective factors for Mental Health and Wellbeing for a brighter stronger future.

Off the back of the success of these programs, and in partnership with Bendigo Bank, we were able to launch a thriving partnership with QLD Basketball, Logan Thunder, and The Indigenous Basketball League working closely with Michael Cedar to create supportive programs for First Nations Players across the State.



Thanks to Rotary Conference funding we are now in our 2nd year working with Kingaroy and Nanango State High School. So far working with over 2000 students and 100 Teachers School-wide


We are thrilled to be partnering with Marsden State High School and the incredible Wellbeing Team to bring Alive’s Get Real Institute to 3500 students and 300 Teachers School-wide.


For the 3rd year running we have had the privilege of working with Assumption College in Warwick to bring Alive’s Get Real Institute to 1000 students and 50 Teachers across their senior school and Rugby League Programs. Assumptions Rugby League Club fundraised this year to help raise funds for these life saving programs.


In partnership with Movember and Minderoo Foundation Alive brings Get Real Institute and Ahead of the Game to Bushfire effected community of Kangaroo Island in SA. This was a huge success helping us support those who have been through so much.

“Through the delivery of Ahead of the Game, and Alive’s Get Real Institute Train the Trainer program I was able to provide the kids and young people I coach a range of skills that used to be challenging for their thinking patterns, attitude and motivation in regard to team play and individual growth, in turn improving their sport performance. Through implementing the strategies provided my team was able to create realistic goals that motivated their desire to improve their game and their entire team’s game. We focused on the importance of breathwork, and understanding the body’s stress response, which was beneficial in calming player’s nerves pre and during games. This was all highly beneficial as it gave the adults and kids the ability to make the connection between life skills such as communication and resilience while building a great team and club, and helping the community recover after the fires. Throughout this program players were able to break down the external layers and barriers, and delve into their individual differences, creating a deeper bond to enable more effective play. This allowed the whole team to recognise and play to their strengths while building on their weaknesses and support for each other. I would recommend this to any club, as it allows teams to allocate time to building better connections, not just better football, but better community.”

Heidi Barrett, Kingscote Football Club.

South Burnett Reigion

In partnership and consultation with the South Burnett community, ALIVE delivered mental fitness and resilience programs to all High Schools across the South Burnett. Alive’s Get Real Institute initiative consists of 12 months of support in person and online via community engagement day(s), professional development of club and school staff (using the Get Real Institute online learning), face to face activity workshops, coaching and mentoring. ALIVE have been running the ‘Get Real Institute’ Wellbeing programs face to face and online successfully with 109 schools and 495 clubs and in communities, and organisations over the past 15 years, So far we have been able to Support around 2000 young people from the region.

This project will teach the young people healthy life skills around managing stress and anxiety; how to manage time, set effective goals, and understand their values. They will learn how to regulate emotional highs and lows, mange behaviour challenges, motivational dips, and feelings of depression. They will learn how to manage negative self-talk, beliefs and patterns that limit opportunities. Individuals are also given the opportunity to deal with bullying and overcome trauma through communication and conflict resolution.

This project includes Alive’s Train the Trainer program, which provides extra capacity building support to the community by educating community leaders how to continue mental health support and suicide prevention. Community members and youth who take part will also be provided a yearly access to Get Real Institute’s online platform which provides mental health focused lesson plans through PowerPoint, instructional videos, worksheets, and FAQs. This wrap around support makes sure that the community leaders, families, and staff can deliver wellbeing and mindset tools to young athletes and students in the Rugby League and School community in North Brisbane all year round in order to significantly impact the mental health and suicide rates in under 25-year-old Australians. Our next round of delivery is due in February 2022, and support and invervention sessions for families and individuals have been running locally for 5 months as referrals are received. 


In partnership with QRL, Alive has delivered Alive’s Get Real Institute combined with Mental Health First Aid to all Support squad members across QRL.

QRL’s Support Squad is a network of volunteers making a positive difference in community rugby league across Queensland.
Squad members will be empowered with knowledge, resources and education to help foster strong and rewarding relationships within their local rugby league community.
Being part of the Support Squad has a range of benefits, including:
    – Having direct support and contact with the regional wellbeing manager
    – The ability to create strong and rewarding relationships directly with rugby league community
    – Being part of a network of volunteers in the statewide program to share ideas with
    – Receiving exclusive professional and personal development
    – Mental Health First Aid accreditation
    – Being part of the QRL’s train the trainer program, helping bring wellbeing programs to your rugby league community
    – Being provided with valuable resources to use for your local clubs, including contacts and information

We look forwarding to 2022 to keep adding to the number of Support Squad members within the QRL Community. 



In January 2021, Alive held our very first Fundraiser Ball which has set precedence for an annual event on going. 

With 1oo guests in attendance, we were able to raise over $10,000 to go towards supporting young people at risk.

We had our Ambassadors Conrad Sewel and Brad Butcher join us for entertainment and interviews, as well as an exciting silent auction.
We are really excited for our 2022 event which will be even bigger than 2021!


2021 has been our best year yet for public fundraisers. We had an amazing number of people reach out to us wanting to host their own fundraisers on behalf of Alive.

Something as simple as having people donate to us instead of buying birthday presents, to huge fitness challenges. We raised a huge $113,692 from people coming together on their own accord to help fund support for young people at risk.

Some of our Fundraisers include- 
Burpees for a Cause- NSW Police officer Todd Cremar challenged himself to 10 whole hours of burpees raising a huge $37,506 in the process.
Mental Metres- NSW runner Alex Tindall set himself the challege of running 1,000KM in the month of November to raise enough funds to provide support for 1,000 young people. He smashed his target raising $26,619.

We were also lucky enough to attend 2021’s Rotary conference in Kingaroy and they raised an amazing $40,000 for us which went to the delivery of programs in the South Burnett Region.

We thank all those who fundraised or donated, we couldn’t have reached the numbers we did in 2021 without all of your support.



After the last 3 years working together we have decided to take our relationship next level and we have moved in together!
We have formed a new Youth Hub model at PCYC super centre, Cronulla Park. Giving us the great opportunity to work with the PCYC youth team super charging our capacity. Also working closely with PCYC to apply for funding and program planning State-wide. Here’s to a great 2022 together.


This year we completed an external evaluation of Alive’s programs with our Evaluation partner BDO, which now provides outcomes data and ongoing evaluation through a tailored dashboard. Data shows that after only 1 of 10 modules of delivery, 14% of young people who engaged in ALIVE’s programs experienced a reduction in suicidal thoughts and self-harm, 10% expressed improved happiness/fulfilment, 14% reported improved engagement in education, sports, and activities, 12% had improved their boundaries with technology use, and 37% had improved help seeking behaviours. We increase protective factors and reduce the risk of poor mental health and death by suicide. In family intervention programs this increases to 100% improved measures in 98% of participating clients.  



The Australian Tax Office has classified us as a Public Benevolent Institution and granted us Deductible Gift Recipient and Income Tax Exempt Charity status. Our Australian Business Number is (ABN) 50 6050 113282


Tamsyn Rose is the founder and CEO of two of Australia’s leading Mental Wellbeing organisations, Get Real and ALIVE. She has been on the innovation edge of Mental Health, Wellbeing Education for 18 years, specialising in providing training and support tools for young people, carers, support workers, educators and corporate teams.

Tamsyn founded ALIVE five years ago after seeing suicide escalate to our NUMBER 1 cause of death in young people globally. Knowing that we were losing our young people at devastating rates, and having developed tools and solutions in this area that have incredible results, she had to do something. “ALIVE is a way of sharing these tools globally. ALIVE is our response to what must be done,” Thank you for joining us on the journey to Zero Suicide.