ALIVE is driven by the community in response to this need for community.

Our family of Ambassadors and Volunteers is what keeps the wheels turning, and without your support, we could not provide this life-saving, life-THRIVING support for young Australians.

If you’ve ever wanted to do more to prevent and intervene suicide in Australian youth. JOIN ALIVE as a volunteer or member!    

Since January 2017, our interest has increased over 450%.  Our mission to end youth suicide in Australia has grown from our small team with huge intentions into full-time jobs of several people. We are calling on the community to keep this project ALIVE

Training is available for positions without prerequisite.

How you can help:

  • Become a Member of ALIVE
  • Join our team of Volunteers
  • Rep us at events, schools, on your social media, help word get out
  • Participate in our fundraising activities
  • Participate in events, school presentations and use your skills to make a difference.
  • Donate your time for skills training workshops with kids and teens at risk.
  • Host your own fundraiser with our resources to get you started, contact us to register your own ALIVE fundraising event
  • Become a corporate sponsor or partner, contact us for a proposal for these mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Come help out on events, buy a t-shirt or even buying some tokens to pass around, every little bit helps

We look forward to having you stand with us, together we can make a difference.