Proudly delivering Mental Health and community resilience programs on a journey to zero suicide with the Community Development Program initiative of Bendigo & the Community Bank Network.

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  • Mental Health and Wellbeing programs for your club, school, NFP, local organisation or community.
  • Professional development for your leadership team or staff including mental health and Wellbeing training.
  • For a wellbeing and resilience project that can be run across your wider community.
  • To find out about development and leadership camps for young people

Check out the videos below of the 4 sponsorship opportunities available to tailor to your objectives with Alive, Click the link below each video for an Expression of Interest form to be sent to you by your local Community Bank Branch.  Contact your local Community Bendigo Bank Branch now to register your interest and further information.

Mental Health and Wellbeing for your leadership or staff teams

Today, more than ever, leaders in Corporate roles are looking to understand the role that they play in the mental health and Wellbeing of their team.
These Wellbeing and Mental Health Professional Development Training session help get the best outcomes for your team and culture in the workplace.

Sporting club Mental Fitness Programs

Alive’s Get Real Institute brings activity-based Mental fitness and wellbeing training directly into your club using a mix of BJJ and Mindset training to help players find their best game, and live their best life!

This program gives players the building blocks for peak mindset and performance in a way all players, and coaches benefit from.  Creating better teams and communities.

Alive’s Get Real Institute Accreditation brings 12 months wellbeing tools and engaging workshops directly to your school. Full Training and support for staff and parents, and activity based wellbeing for students.  This support is important to look at now to help address the COVID-19 fallout over the next 18 months that will have significant economic, mental health effects and stress on our communities.

Tailor a community resilience response

Providing support to communities in need, where access or availability to support is limited.  ALIVE will tailor a community-wide support strategy getting the support needed and the preventative education and activity based programs to every sporting club, youth organisation, school and families identified at risk.  Training and supporting local leaders working with TO and organisations for change.

We are facing problems we have never seen before.

The Mental Health crisis in young people is the worst it’s been for 10 years. Suicide is now the number one cause of death in young people under 25 yrs. Eight-hundrend-thousand people die due to suicide every year, that is one life lost every 40 seconds. It’s got to stop.

We want to safeguard our children’s emotional wellbeing and future, but we are left unsure how to handle it and exisiting support systems don’t seem to be working. There are simply too many barriers for those needing help the most.

Alive is bringing the solutions to you. Great mindset = Great Life.
Community co-design Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategies for your community

is proud to partner with Alive to support these community initiatives

These programs are for young people and those that support them to navigate through life’s tough times with strength, courage and Grit.

Life can be a maze of stressful decisions, complex relationships and peer pressure, leading to anxiety, overwhelm and mental health problems.
To help young people really thrive, they need the tools and support to get through the maze.

Who are these programs for?

  • All 10 – 25 yr olds and their families.
  • All sporting clubs, schools and community groups.
  • Professional Development for all staff teams with Wellbeing Values.


How to overcome stress, anxiety, bullying, and bad experiences.

How to manage behaviour challenges, motivation dips, feeling off track and down.

How to create a life you are excited to live.

PLUS Helping parents get the reigns back in their hands to grow successful, happy children, who know who they are.

Our Mission

Alive’s Mission is to END youth suicide by providing in-house suicide prevention programs that build Resilience, Connection and Wellbeing
that young people love.

 Our Journey is to Zero Suicide by helping them not simply to survive, but to THRIVE and be fully ALIVE!

Our Purpose

OUR PURPOSE is to work collaboratively as a community providing education to aid suicide prevention and support directly to those young people identified at risk of suicide. Helping them create a life worth living for.

We do this through Activity based Mental Health and Wellbeing programs young people love.

Get Real Institute is our Training  and Education Platform established to provide Wellbeing solutions needed to
educate and inspire young Australians and the Organitations that support them. We are the Organisation of choice for QRL, Rugby League World Cup, and AFL.

Currently working with over 98,000 young Australian’s each year, in 175 schools, 390 sporting clubs, and 3500 families Nationwide.

Some of the organisations we work with:

Blended Delivery of all Mental Health and Wellbeing courses

To help us get the best community engagement, and upskill each community ongoing all our programs are run in a blend of activity based workshops that can be run in person and online removing barriers to engagement like access, cost and making sure local leaders have non-stop access to the recourses they need right when they need them.

Hack #1

Get the mind on your side
Stress management & changing beliefs to work for you.

Hack #2

Invest in yourself
Values, time management, & decide who you are going to be.

Hack #3

In Your Flow
Design your life one goal at a time, motivation and action plans.

Hack #4

Fire Your Inner Critic
Harness the power of your mind & change negative mindset.

Hack #5

There is nothing wrong with how you feel
Emotional resilience and dealing with varying peak emotional states.

Hack #6

Better out than in!
Empowered communication skills & conflict resolutions.

Hack #7

Finish with the Game Changers
Self-assessment tools, self-care and balance.

Hack #8

Way more than just a Bucket List
Tools to move on from the past, building resilience, self-confidence and esteem

Hack #9

Confidence comes from experience
Skills to grow confidence through experience. You gotta work it!

Hack #10

Be your own Cheer Squad
Using the power of affirmations and the mind to ‘change your state’, create opportunity and seize success


Tamsyn explains more about the Get Real Institute and the way ALIVE will support you navigate the up's and downs...

If you are a parent or young person wanting to participate in these programs. Here's what you can expect! You will learn:

  • How to handle stress better
  • Manage time, set effective goals, & understand thier values
  • Regulate emotional highs and lows
  • Deal with bullying, overcome trauma, communicate better & resolve conflict
  • PLUS Parenting strategies to get everyone on the same team

Achieve more, feel on track, and be genuinely happier in life!

ALIVE Program Options

Staff Wellbeing Training

For Keynote of choice on Mental Health and Wellbeing for your leadership and staff teams 

inclusive of 1x Get Real Institute Professional Development Pack for wellbeing.


10 Life Hack Courses
Videos and worksheets
Guided exercises and Team Training


Blended delivery option Online or F2F.

Sporting Club, School and Leadership Camp Sponsorship


Full or Half Year Accreditation programs for groups including camps and workshop delivery options

10 Life Hack Courses delivery through camps or activity workshops for young people, Train the trainer for staff and parent community Training.
Mental Health First Aid Training, 

Online self paced resources including exercises video workshops and family activities for ongoing use.

Community Co-design Project

Together we will tailor a support program for your community, incorporating local leaders, TO’s, Educators, Schools, Clubs, Organisations, Coaches, Youth Workers, Councillors & anyone working with young people.

12 months curriculum
‘Train the Trainer’ courses
10 Life Hack Courses delivery through camps or activity workshops for young people, Train the trainer for staff and parent community Training.
Mental Health First Aid Training, Provision of intervention, counselling and supports and referral pathways.

We look forward to working with you, to help us create a more Resilient Australia!

If you have any questions about how to take advantage of these program packages, or about any of Alive’s programs and how we can work together to support you community.  Please contact us via email on, or visit

We look forward to working with you and your community.

The Alive Tribe.