Plenitude Wealth Rolls for Suicide Prevention

Iron sharpens Iron

Thank you Andrew David Courtney of Plenitude Wealth for sponsoring this project to end youth suicide and coming to the beginner’s BJJ session at Arena Fitness MMA Go Health Clubs Springwood.

One of the few and rare financial planners / advisors that are NOT bank salesman…

Plenitude Wealth is a holistic wealth management firm that is dedicated to making a positive change to the financial landscape of Australia and ultimately the world through creating an educational foundation of social awareness, enterprise and social consciousness. Our aim is to create a movement that will aid in the fight against limiting beliefs & absolute & relative poverty by utilising existing financial instruments everyday families can use.

Through financial education and challenging the status quo, our belief is we can all create a better financial future for the citizens of the world. We specialise in strategically replacing our clients’ incomes in a timely manner so that they can pursue what matters most in their lives and give back to the wider community with their new found wealth.